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Want A Happy Wife? The Best Strategy and Ten Tips!

By  T. Lavon Lawrence

Committed Husbands Learn The Right Habits to Build a Harmonious Marriage
Want A Happy Wife - Best Strategy and Ten Tips

If you want to be a better husband in a happy marriage, there's no time to waste because a divorce happens every 36 seconds in the United States alone. 

Many of those 2000+ divorces each day could be avoided, and a bad marriage turned happy with a simple decision by the husband. 

Since you're searching for a solution to avoid being a victim of divorce statistics, let me tell you how you can begin finding harmony in your marriage right away

I'll do that with an effective strategy to guide you plus ten powerful activities that will make your wife take notice.  I'll also give you an additional tidbit to push the odds in your favor.

The Fastest Strategy to Harmonize With Your Wife is: Fully Commit!

It's probably easy for you to remember an action scene where a vehicle with a couple in it careens off the edge of a cliff, right? And just before they plummet to their doom, the hero uses his smarts to save the day! 

He changed his position to balance the car and get it back safely on the road. By taking his weight from one end and putting it properly where it would do the most good, they got where they wanted to go.

As a husband who has made a solemn promise, you can adopt the strategy that you are 100% responsible for the husband's portion of the marriage. Thinking about it practically, this puts you in a position of proactive power. You made a vow that you would not only uphold your end but would help carry her when she needs it.

There is a reason why marriage vows traditionally include this part that taps into a man's natural talent, the drive to get things done, and an urge to fix what has broken. The principle is there because nature has written it into your masculine DNA.

The husband's portion does not fall on your wife because it's not her job to take on your vow you made. By adopting the 100% responsibility rule as your guiding strategy, you can get to work immediately on fixing the husband's share of the committed relationship.

Whether you just got married, have some years under your belt, or are getting into the golden years of long term marriage, there is never a wrong time to decide to blow the doors off whatever has held you back from fulfilling your vows more fully.

Good Husbands Make Love and Trust a Matter of Daily Habit!

Right now is the time to take the lead by making a change that will stop your wife from nagging you, keeping sex from you, turning a cold shoulder, or showing indifference. Instead, you'll save the day as you steer the two of you toward more profound love, trust, harmony, connection, and passion that gets better with age.

Knowing that most divorces result from a total loss of love and trust, give yourself an advantage right now that puts you squarely on the hopeful side of marriage statistics. Here are nine ideas any couples therapist would suggest for showing a rock-solid commitment to your wife:

  1. Dismantle Pre-Conditioned expectations

    How would you feel if every time your wife looked at you, it made her wish for somebody else in your place? Would you trust her? Would you feel safe investing your love, energy, and dreams, knowing that she's not interested in who you are?

    Cutting your wife down (even in your thoughts) because she doesn't measure up to your ideal brings the same result. Drop the ultimate woman ideal society conditioned into your mind. Get to know the woman you have now and commit to making your real wife happy.
  2. Turn complete attention to getting to know your REAL wife!

    If your wife is ever to trust and bond with you over the long haul, the imaginary 'ultimate woman' you carry in your head has to be replaced by the ultimate wife you now.

    There is a unique recipe for romance in your marriage that will leave your wife completely satisfied and loving you more than ever. All you've got to do is ask her for it.  

    When can you get to know the depths of the ultimate wife you have now? The exchange of information happens in casual conversations, chats about goals, discussing family, talking about plans, or hopes and dreams. 

    She can offer you all you need to know about who she is in helpful, loving detail. When she hands you that kind of treasure, accept the husband's portion of the marriage and run with it. 
  3. Become her most genuinely interested listener.

    People have a habit of being interested in people who are interested in them. Of all the activities that pull at your attention each day, none is more important than your wife's need to have your focus. Since you are on a mission to learn her satisfying recipe for romance, this can be a natural choice.

    Prioritize being present when she has something to say. Don't drift, don't daydream, don't let your attention wander. Revisit the days when you hung on her every word because you were so in love.

    As a grown man, you don't have to fawn in a fake way. Give her the respect of full attention when she has something to say. You would do the same for anyone who matters to you, and she is supposed to matter more than anyone.
  4. Be Consistent.  Rely on your 100% Responsibility Goal to guide daily actions.

    She will know you are serious about being the best husband possible when she sees you working on it every day. Reaching this level of trust means you will need to make new, daily habits of the kinds of things that let a woman see a clear, determined commitment from a man.

    When it comes to how you treat her, bring consistency to your words, actions, reactions, and deeds. The more you practice a thing, the better you become until you have it mastered. Keep your goal in mind when getting up to begin each day to build a bridge of love and trust.
  5. Honesty is not the best policy.  Honesty is the ONLY Policy!  

    Survey after survey shows that a majority of women place a high value on a man's level of integrity. Unfortunately, we grow used to the ability to escape responsibility by hiding the truth from others.

    We live in a society where bending the truth just a little is typical and expected. In this environment, the choice to be completely honest with her will make you a rare gem in her eyes. 

    There is no such thing as a little white lie or hidden betrayal that nourishes marital strength. Honesty takes courage in modern life because so many people fear to face the outcome of mistakes they make, even small ones.

    Casual deceit is a tool that erodes trust, followed by erosion of love over time. Defying the urge to employ white lies builds personal integrity that gives her confidence in you.
  6. You don't need to be right all the time.

    Nobody likes a know-it-all, and nobody likes the feeling of being wrong all the time. You can easily recall conversations where the subject of somebody comes up about somebody always thinking they are right, can't you?

    How do people tend to describe people who are 'never wrong?' Certainly not in favorable terms.

    Superiority is a dislikeable trait, yet men fall often fall victim to this often sexist tendency and then wonder why they keep landing in marital conflict. The habit is unfair to your wife. Engaging in it stirs up resentment in her the same as it would within you.

    To get your wife to trust that you value what she has to say, give her the chance to say it you would want when you express yourself
  7. When conflict and differences of opinion arise, choose your relationship first.

    There is a way to get nearly instant access to more harmony with your wife, and that is to learn to let go of habitual urges to react with conflict rather than calm. When you think about it, few things are harder than feeling love for someone while in the middle of a stalemate with them.

    In those times, your mind and emotions are in a defensive position, not looking to embrace but to repel and hold your ground.  It's the same with her because, like you, she is only human.

    As a man who wants to grow closer to the woman you married, you should make a new habit that quickly fosters peace between you. You want to build bridges, not walls, and that means you need to study how to communicate better.

    If you find yourself struggling with conflict with your wife, take the initiative now to learn better ways to talk to her. If you hold your relationship as sacred, use your words in ways that heal.
  8. "Husband, Honor Your Wife. "

    In many weddings, the person performing the ceremony asks of the groom, "Do you promise to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, and forsaking all others, be faithful only to her, for as long as you both shall live?"

    Since you said, "I do, " then choose now to start removing any contradictions.

    Never place her in embarrassing positions when it comes to other women, no matter who they are. Remove all non-business connections or associations with old flames, girlfriends, and other romantic interests. Give no flirtatious or romantic attention of any kind to anyone other than her, online or offline.  
  9. Always act immediately to show that you honor her and your bond above.

    Part of 'forsaking all others' involves any family politics with relatives concerning your wife's authority in your life. Your mother, mother-in-law, sisters, cousins, aunts are not people to whom you've made a life-long promise. So, there's only one way to go on this one, and that is to put your wife first.

    When it comes to whose side you're on, there's only one side. As far as your relationship is concerned, if they have a problem with her getting in the way of what they want from you, make sure outsiders know they're barking up the wrong tree. Better, let her see you lay down the law.  

    And since we're on a roll her, why not give you to BONUS tips to help round out your toolkit of committed husband tactics...
  10. Public declaration - Never shy away from her affection in public. 

    Be shameless in your willingness to let her mark her territory. Reciprocate when she wants to hold your hand, stand close to you, or hang on your arm when in the public eye. Show nothing but pride born of love and seal the deal in her mind. Let heaven and earth bear witness to the fact that you are hers.

    Cultivating a sense of relationship security within her in the presence of others goes the same as living the vow you made to honor and cherish her. So, when she lights the lamp of love in public, always help her carry it to light the way before you!
  11. Be a proactive manager the kinds of moments that matter to her. 

    When done well, your new role as a genuinely committed husband will evolve into a permanent lifestyle that millions of women dream of having. Part of your evolution as her biggest fan is to learn which kinds of moments she finds important. The good news is that she will gladly tell you during your daily habit of engaging with and listening to her.

    If she reveals that Christmas (or other holidays) has an emotional impact, then you have an opportunity to make that day special for her every year. You can apply the same tactic to birthdays, anniversaries (not just your own), cultural traditions, religious activities, and more. 

Like any area of success in life, a great marriage has to be about balance, and nothing will make your life complete like having a happy wife who trusts you, adores you, and wants to be closer to you. You can take your marriage in a safe and pleasant direction by shifting an unnecessary burden away from your wife, grabbing that responsibility securely in your hands.

Create Stronger Marriages

With the Committed Husband course you'll learn, step-by-step, how to get your wife to lean back into you. 

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